Dr. Hendrik Wagner - Credit Scoring & Internal Rating



As a consultant for risk analytics, it is my mission to assist credit risk and internal audit departments in Europe and globally in moving towards state-of-the-art credit scoring and internal rating systems in order to increase profitability and assure compliance.

For this, I provide advisory and implementation services, including methodology and software training, model development services and model validation services.


Benefits (Examples)


Unsecured Consumer Lending:

Expand sub-prime lending safely through intelligent cutoff selection


Credit Card:

Use rich behavioral information to build more accurate models for limit setting



Automate and enrich mortgage scoring by moving beyond LTV


Car Finance:

Model LGD and benefit from reduced capital requirements when moving to the IRB advanced approach


Current Account:

Use account behavior information to better predict your customer‘s future actions


Small Business Loans:

Improve balance sheet based predictions by evaluating customer relationship and owner account behavior data


Corporate Loans:

Expand your corporate portfolios through statistical rating

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